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Sleep Difficulties

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  • South Kings Ranch Road

Service Description

Sleep is basically broken down into four sections. The first two sections you should move through evenly and routinely as the cycle repeats. The THIRD SECTION is an important section to remain in longer; this is the section of sleep where your Body REPAIRS ITSELF during REM SLEEP in the THIRD CYCLE. The FOURTH SECTION of REM SLEEP is where your MIND REPAIRS ITSELF. Sometimes patients find GETTING TO SLEEP difficult, because of stress, their adrenals are tired or wired, mind running endlessly in a loop that is distracting, or they lack the nutrition and nutrients that are required to support getting to sleep quicker and softer. If STAYING ASLEEP, is your issue, then missing out on sleep can lead to your mind becoming tired, frayed, and your mind can experience short-term memory loss, emotions dramatically affected, shortening your patience with yourself and others, Gaining Weight, and depleting your nervous system. Great sleep does not need to be difficult, and we have many ways of helping you GET TO SLEEP and STAYING ASLEEP LONGER with better sleep.

Contact Details

  • 6607 South Kings Ranch Road, Gold Canyon, AZ, USA

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